Archery Lessons and Range in Central Point, OR

Southern Oregon Archery, LLC, offers the only 30-yard indoor range with eight lanes in Central Point, Oregon. Our indoor range is open to the public as well.

Our archery club features state-of-the-art archery ranges where we host leagues and lessons for novices and beginners to skilled sportsmen and women. Even if you don’t have your bow and arrow and you simply want to come and try out the sport, we offer lessons that start at $50 per hour, and we also rent out equipment with prices starting as low as $7 per hour. Before you commit, visit our range and try out the sport.

We are confident that you will love it as much as we do; just contact us today!

Introduction to archery in our archery range

Getting started on a new sport can be a daunting prospect. Our professional instructors will take you on this journey and walk with you every step of the way as you discover the exciting sport of archery.


Our instructors will pace you through every element of the game to provide a deep understanding of the rules and techniques while fostering a deep love for archery. We discuss important factors such as balance and coordination and carefully guide you in developing your distinct method of shooting an arrow. We will work on accuracy and help you to develop the necessary skills to hit your target every time with calm composure, precision, and perception of depth.

We can assure you that when you master the skill of accuracy, you may expect a podium finish every time.

Instructors will explain and demonstrate arrow drawing and handling so that you can build and develop your skills when holding your bow and arrow. In addition, you will learn about the importance of arrow nocking and how to master this skill.

We also offer release-type training.

And, as you advance in the sport of archery, you will eventually acquire your equipment or have your bow custom-made. Both of which we will gladly assist you with. Our instructors will train you on the importance of looking after your equipment and storing it to ensure that it remains in optimal condition for as long as possible.

Speak to the professionals at Southern Oregon Archery, LLC, today at (541) 664-3310 to get started on your journey of mastering the skill of archery. Get bow maintenance and more from us today!

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