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When you need archery gear, you want to shop where the most experienced professionals are. The pros at Southern Oregon Archery, LLC can get you precisely what you need, from lessons to supplies. You’ll never want to shop anywhere else once you stop in!
Yreka, CA

Archery Shop and Services

You have tons of choices when shopping for your archery gear. What makes Southern Oregon Archery, LLC different from any other supplier is that they have a professional, knowledgeable staff who are always there to help you. The staff members are passionate about archery and can’t wait to help you find exactly what you need. Stop in to shop for: Bows, Tips, Bow Case, Arrows, Tabs, Gloves, Armguards, Bowstring and Targets
This list contains just a small selection of common archery supplies an archer of any skill might need. Head to our store to find the region’s best selection of archery supplies! ou can also take advantage of our services, including: Bow Repairs (any brand or model), Lessons/Training, Indoor Range, and Equipment Rental. If you’re looking for a specific service not listed here, we can help you! So, give us a call or stop in, and we’ll do whatever we can to get you what you need.

Archery Pro Supplies

Anyone who wants the best shops at Southern Oregon Archery, LLC. The retailer has more than 50 years that they’ve been serving the archery community and employs only those genuinely knowledgeable about the sport. Pros can find any supply they need, including: Archery Targets, Arrow Parts, Arrows, Bow Accessories, Bow Sights/Scopes, Broadheads, Cases, Arrow Rests, Crossbows, Archery Tools, Compound Bows, Recurve Bows and Release Aids. This small inventory is just an idea of what you can find while shopping and isn’t a complete list of what is available. So, stop in to enjoy the full range of supplies and services for our valued pro shoppers.

Bows (Compound and Recurve)

When you’re passionate about archery, you’re probably just as passionate about the kind of bow you prefer. We’ve got a solution for you no matter what bow you like or want.

Compound Bow:

A compound bow is designed to give an archer more speed and accuracy. It uses cables and pulleys that require just the right amount of strength from the archer for a great shot. These bows continue to change and evolve, using new technology and materials to help improve an archer’s shot. This can include using materials like aluminum and carbon fibers.

Recurve Bow:

More traditional archers may prefer a recurve bow. It’s called a recurve bow because its “limbs” arch away from the archer when shot. There are typically three types of recurve bows: traditional, modern, and a combination of the two. One size doesn’t suit everyone, so you can get the perfect bow for you.
Bows are a very personal choice for any archer. If you’re not sure where to look, stop in and ask one of our archery specialists for guidance. They can help you decide which bow is right for you!


An archer may need an accessory for comfort, a better grip, or a more controlled release. No matter what accessory you’re hoping to find, our experts can match you with the right one when you stop in. We carry accessories like tips, cases, quivers, grips, releases, and more!

Bow Maintenance and Repair

The more use a bow gets, the more it’s likely to need a tune-up. Southern Oregon Archery, LLC can handle any repair or tune-up, from a simple repair to a completely redone bow! Our store has bow presses, bow release triggers, shooting machines, and draw boards that provide us with the tools and accuracy needed to work on any bow. It doesn’t matter the brand or model of your bow. Bring it in, and we’ll get it back in shooting shape!

Archery Range

All you need to practice archery is space, and we’ve got that space for you! We have a 30-yard indoor archery range with eight lanes where beginners and pros can practice their skills. You can even take lessons or rent equipment while you’re there, making learning and practicing your archery skills easy.

Archery Lessons

If you don’t have archery experience and want to learn about the sport, you can take lessons at our archery range! Our lessons are a great deal at $50 per hour, and you can rent equipment until you’re ready to invest in your own. If you’ve always been interested in archery but didn’t know where to start, this is the perfect opportunity to learn. For more experienced archers, you can take lessons to improve your technique or fine-tune any other skill you might need. Your instructor will be more than capable of helping you make improvements where needed.

How long can a bow be left strung?

It’s best to get into the habit of unstringing your bow when you’re done shooting. While some modern materials may tolerate a more extended period being strung, it’s a good idea to undo it when you’re done using the bow, with one exception. You can leave a compound bow strung for as long as you’d like.

What are 5 rules of archery?

There are many rules when it comes to archery, but here are 5 important ones to know:
  1. Never point the arrow in a direction where it’s not safe. Do not point in a direction where there are people, pets, buildings, or anything else that may be harmed by an arrow.
  2. Do not shoot unless you’re in an area where it’s safe. Make sure you can see where the arrow will be going. If you can’t see over a ridge, do not shoot in that direction.
  3. Never aim and shoot an arrow straight overhead. It poses extreme danger to anyone in the area when it comes back down.
  4. Protect your fingers and arms when practicing or competing.
  5. Take the time before you use your bow to ensure it’s structurally sound. Inspect for any dents, cracks, breaks, peeling, or anything that could cause your bow to malfunction. Have your bow repaired as soon as possible if you need to!
BONUS RULE: Never use your bow if you’ve been drinking alcohol or using drugs, including prescription drugs that may cause you to be dizzy or drowsy.

Is it better to restring a bow or buy a new one?

It’s always a good idea to restring your bow if you notice your string looks frayed, dry, fuzzy, or frail. If you take the advice of your bow’s manufacturer, they may recommend changing the string every couple of years. One of the best things you can do to extend the life of your string is to get into a routine of regular waxing. If you wax using the right amount, you may extend the life of your string.
Yreka, CA

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